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Fire Safety Signs

Fire Safety Signs are an integral part of the fire protection measures in every building – so you can get out of it quickly and safely when you need to.

Fire safety signs

Fire safety isn’t just related to the systems and processes inside a building. It is also about how people behave, respond and think when there is a fire. The British Standard 5499 Part 10 is currently implemented in the UK for improving public safety. It explains the best way for using fire and safety signs and applying them on premises.

Our Service Technicians receive ongoing training based on the current BS 5499

This standard provides guidance on how to select, install, position and maintain safety signs.  It also satisfies the requirements of the current Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations.

Correctly identifying the requirements for fire safety signs within premises, in particular, means of escape signs to ensure continuous and safe passage, as per BS 5499 Part 4, is far more complex than selecting signs from a catalogue and may have far reaching implications.

Our fire safety signs

LW Safety manufacturers fire safety signs from a photo-luminescent material, which emits a strong light source in the event of power loss. This helps people orientate themselves to ensure they can evacuate the premises efficiently and effectively.

When you experience power loss during an emergency, panic and confusion can set in. Our fire safety signs, when used effectively, locate, identify and instruct on all aspects of fire safety management, and can make a major difference in an emergency situation.

Our signs meet the BS EN ISO 7010 requirement, which has recently been implemented into legislation.

Qualified installation

Every LW Safety fire safety sign
is supplied and installed by
fully qualified technicians,
continuously trained to current
legislative requirements.

Designed to all current regulations

Our fire safety signs
are manufactured to ensure
compliance, from use of graphic,
symbol to colour to
supplementary text.

Energise at low lighting levels

Every LW Safety fire safety sign
will charge at 50 lux, which
is 1/8 of normal working
environment lighting
levels (400 lux).

Fast charge

Our fire safety signs
take 15 minutes to fully
saturate at 50 lux.  At 400 lux,
the signs will be fully
saturated in 30 seconds.

Fantastic initial brightness

Every LW Safety fire safety sign
give building occupants
instant orientation cues
for way finding their escape.

Longevity of performance

All signs provide luminescence
for a minimum of 3 hours and
have expected luminescence
of 8 hours.

Ancillary products

Our goal is to provide businesses with everything they need to transform their fire safety from oneeasy to work with partner, so we also house a large collection of ancillary products. These include everything form fire extinguisher stands to first aid kits, all designed to ensure complete fire safety.

Our fire safety experts are on hand to advise you on the correct products for your business premises.

Fire Blankets

Easy to use, easy to
install, and kitemarked to
British Standards.

Extinguisher Stands

Secure your extinguishers
on freestanding mounts.

Trolleys, Covers and Cabinets

Safely store your fire
extinguishers outside and keep
them protected from
the elements.


Hold fire doors open with
instant automatic release
in the event that a fire alarm
is sounded.


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